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[NAS-RESCUE] For TeraStation,LinkStation exclusive use rescue tool for data 4-HDD Japan Import


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This product is data recovery software for TeraStation and LinkStation. TeraStation hard disk or Terastation hard disk connect PC and it constructs quasi-TeraStation or quasi-LinkStation.
For exclusive use TeraStation or LinkStation, Linux-based. For information on two-HDD or one-HDD of TeraStation or LinkStation, see NAS-RESCUE series of how to takeoff LinkStation data
necessary tool : The PC that Windows works normally(must have DVD drive), USB-SATA conversion cable for connect the hard disk which took out of TeraStation and LinkStation (per hard disk)
operability: After activate DVD, data confirmation is possible with one click at least. (example of use on YouTube, look up “NAS-RESCUE”.)
If this product doesn’t work and can’t take out your data unfortunately, we introduce a data recovery service. Included special complimentary ticket which discount purchased amount from charge for restore service charges.