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In Clover Smile Daily Dental Health Soft Chews for Cats, Support Healthy Teeth and Fresh Tongue with Catnip and Green Tea, Prebiotics, and Chlorophyll


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Scientifically Formulated - Smile for Dental Health was formulated by a biochemist with natural ingredients to work from the inside out to control plaque and freshen breath.
Preventative Solution - Smile is a proactive solution for long-term dental health and fresh breath. Green tea extract and catnip kill bacteria in the mouth, stopping plaque and tartar buildup before it starts.
Natural Ingredients You Can Trust - Natural ingredients in Smile kill bacteria above and below the gum line, stopping plaque before it starts. Chlorophyll, also known as nature's breath mint, reduces smelly breath for a kissable cat. Prebiotics support healthy digestion for freshness from the inside out!
Clean Formula- Smile is free of grains, wheat, corn and soy and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
100% Money Back Guarantee - 8 out of 10 cats approve of InClover's Smile! But if for some reason your cat is unsatisfied, please contact the vendor for a full refund.