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Divination School of Magic Clay Mini Book Bead Pendant Necklace Cord Chain Extender Clasp Unisex


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Isn't it annoying when you finish a book and find yourself under emotional distress, still living in the old book's magical world? Fear not, help is on the way. This School of Magic mini textbook necklace, featuring the elective, DIVINATION, lets you re-live and don the book at the same time! Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or unknown by supernatural means.

Sculpted from clay, each book bead packs a lot of elegant detail in such a small space. You will marvel at the craft. So grab a pair and show them what a true witch/wizard you are!

HANDMADE IN THE USA: when you invest in Book Beads, you start a collection with an artist who is a product of generations of book lovers and craftsmen dedicated to producing the finest sculpted miniature books for you.

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