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Aquaponics Auto Bell Siphon Kit 4 1/2" Media or Smaller Grow Bed Kitchen Garden! Over 7000 Siphons Sold Worldwide! Buy With Confidence!


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We have had such good results with this simple design in our aquaponics system that we have decided to make them available for sale here in our Ebay store. This size is intended for a kitchen garden size 3"- 4.5"" deep media grow bed x about 4 square feet. If you need one for your IBC size system or a shallow but larger grow bed just click on my store symbol above and check out the larger sizes we list there. We realize that many of you can make your own but it does take the right tools and pipe, etc which can really add up. Unless you are going to need 10 or more like we did, it may not pay to make your own. If you are wondering how we can deliver these siphons at such a great price it is because we are all set up for high production. In other words we have set aside a number of our tools such as 2 drill presses, a 12" sliding compound saw, a router table and an entire corner of our shop not to mention our special custom jigs just to make these siphons at a price you can afford. Why? Because we love Aquaponics and love helping folks become food independent. What you get is: One 2" pvc gravel shield x 5" High and SLOTTED for maximum drain and maximum filtering as well as easy root cutting. Glued down gravel guards cannot do that and are a bad idea in our experience. One 1 1/4" pvc NO CLOG bell x 4" high with cap and pull handle, (looks very cool and so easy to lift the bell for check ups) One pair male and female threaded adapters with "o"ring to match for the bulkhead adapter Two 1/2" 90s One 2" and one 3" and one 4" piece of 1/2" pvc pipe One 1/2" to 1" adapter for the very important "Bernoulli effect" Basically what you see in the first photo. These are ready to go. All you do is slip them together and install them in your growbeds in a clean 7/8" hole.